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I was charged with a misdemeanor and was extremely nervous with what could potentially happen to me. Fortunately I had the privilege of contacting Tom Walsh and his paralegal Debra. Tom immediately impressed with his vast knowledge of the Fairfax County court system. He is a well respected attorney who works with the prosecution and judge to come to an equitable agreement. He is able to put your mind at ease by explaining all the potential options that are available. Because of Tom, I was not required to pay a fine or have jail time. I would highly and completely recommend him to handle your legal needs.

A. Z.

The last thing you ever want to do is be sitting in a lawyer’s office, especially when it comes to your child.  I cannot thank Mark enough for his compassion, his time, his dedication and his guidance.  He made a stressful situation bearable and assuaged the fears my daughter and I had, while also being realistic and prepared us for the worst outcome. He spoke to my 16 year old in a way that she would understand and guided us through the situation, not with fear but with knowledge. Although we had a positive outcome to our situation, that was solely due to Mark and his exceptional capabilities.  Thank you Mark. I would recommend him to ANYONE with a juvenile situation and I credit him with saving my child.

Tanya H.

I highly recommend Mr. Petrovich as a defense lawyer, based on my personal experience.

My case concerned an evolving area of law where there is a lack of historic precedence for case development and defense preparation. His systematic approach to my defense incorporated quantitative data presented in a clear timeline that logically addressed the key charges against me but also provided the flexibility to address and refute a number of side issues that the prosecutor tried to introduce.

Mr. Petrovich’s preparation was very thorough. He attempted to have the charges dismissed or reduced but the prosecutor was adamant there should be a trial.  In court, Mark was respectful but quietly aggressive, citing witness inconsistencies and objecting frequently when the prosecutor strayed into side issues or repetitive presentations.

The best measure of satisfaction is often the outcome and that was the case here.  I was extremely pleased to receive probation, an outstanding resolution to a difficult case in a still-developing area of the law.  Mark is an outstanding advocate for the defense.

Joe D

I was charged in Fairfax County with a DUI and was concerned about my career and my security clearance. I was referred to Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C., and retained Thomas Walsh to handle my case. I was very comfortable with Mr. Walsh and his professionalism and knowledge of the law. The prosecutor offered for me to plead guilty to the DUI with minimum fines. Mr. Walsh suggested we proceed to trial and the Judge threw the case out finding me not guilty. I was concerned with my case but relied on Tom Walsh’s experience and it paid off.

Bob R

I had never needed legal services before and was fortunate to locate Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C. What stood out for me (in comparison to other lawyers) in my first meeting with Mr. Petrovich was his genuine concern, ability to ask precise questions to understand the case, and professional demeanor. I felt that his legal service fees were comparatively reasonable – which was relieving.

I am very glad that I decided to hire him as the attorney for my case. He and his very helpful legal staff went about executing the legal process in a very timely and professional manner. Because of his detailed prep work and intense litigation skills, I was acquitted of the false allegation made against me. I would highly recommend to avail to Mr. Petrovich’s legal services!

Vin A

My family was involved in a serious accident a couple of years ago. We were hit by a driver who was not a citizen and was using a fake drivers license.

The insurance company covering the other car closed the case without paying us anything, so we turned to Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C. Tom Walsh had successfully represented my ex-husband on a serious traffic matter, and his professionalism and persistence paid off again. After he filed lawsuits, the insurance company reopened the case, which resulted in financial settlements for my family.

Mr. Walsh’s diligence in investigating the case and determining the identity of the driver, and his refusal to let the insurance company avoid responsibility, got us the result we needed. I am grateful Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C., represented us.

Deidre Q

I found myself in a lot of trouble, facing four felony charges. I searched for someone to represent me and found Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C.

From the moment I walked in the door, I was treated with the utmost respect. No one ever judged me. Mark Petrovich spent a significant amount of time speaking to me and evaluating my case. Everyone at this firm believes in what they do and Mr. Petrovich was completely honest about what was happening in my case. He answered all of my calls and every one of my questions. The charges against me were ultimately dismissed and I then hired Mr. Petrovich to assist me in a petition for expungement.

Michael B

I was arrested and charged with six counts of embezzlement. My employer sent me to jail, turned me into a media circus and I cannot begin to express the fears and uncertainties that you feel when you know you are innocent and being charged with a crime like this.

I had no idea where to turn or who to call. Fortunately, a friend referred me to Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C. Upon meeting Tom Walsh, I felt immediately at ease. I was made to feel at home in his office, offered a cup of coffee and he had all the time I needed to talk. He listened, not only with his head but also with his heart. He believed in me and it was obvious to me that he was going to help prove me innocent.

Tom spent weeks preparing my case, always going the extra mile for me. He offered me support and guidance and assisted me through this ordeal with care and concern for my well being during one of the most difficult times of my life. The depth of his legal knowledge in his field is astounding. I knew I was being represented by an honest attorney who would fight for everything I deserved.We won and I left the courtroom a free woman, found not guilty of all charges. I was proven innocent and now I can go forward.

One of the last things he said to me as we parted ways, “Call me if you need me.” And I will. Thank you, Tom, for fighting for me and for believing in me.

Deb S

When youre going up against the best, you need the best to back you up and make your voice heard. My testimonial is a little long but if you read it, you know why we achieved ultimate success and why I would only go with Petrovich & Walsh, P.L.C. I hope this will save you a lot of time and worry.

Going with a friend’s advice, I contacted Mark Petrovich and, together, we achieved the ultimate success in my case. Without going into details, I would like to point out that it was a very complicated case that involved lots of people. It was not just a simple citation or traffic stop. It was one of those difficult cases where it was my voice versus many and I was worried that, if the Judge didn’t understand the facts in my case completely, if it didn’t get clearly presented, I could be found guilty. I was concerned about the hardships a negative outcome would have for me for the rest of my life because of what I would be labelled as. I needed someone who could not only represent me but to also protect my future.

Mr. Petrovich has a history of representing high profile cases and going to trial against Fairfax County’s top prosecutors. From the very beginning, he was remarkably accessible and showed a true interest in my case. He really has his client’s best interests in mind and focuses heavily on each individual case. Mr. Petrovich and his staff were always helpful with my family and kept me notified at every stage of my case. On the day of court, we kept our heads held high, always prepared for the worst but ended up with the best.

Timeline: August 2011: ordeal; October 2011: court/nolle prosequi; February 2012: Expungment Day; May 2012: Graduation.

Travis M

I am a former Marine. I served honorably for nearly 9 years and I also served as a police officer for 2 years before my arrest. In October 2011, I was originally charged with a misdemeanor of assault and battery after protecting my family from an intruder that attacked me. I defended myself and hit the aggressor 3 times and one of those punches just happened to break his jaw. I thought that with my outstanding, unblemished record as well as my professional record of being a veteran as well as a law enforcement officer, that this would be a clear case of self-defense. But, instead, it turned out to be a lot more than that.

A few days later my charges were upgraded to malicious wounding, which is a serious felony in the State of Virginia not to mention that my career and future were in great jeopardy. After this I knew I needed not just a good lawyer but a great lawyer who knew the law and would consider my case important and not just another case on his list of things to do. A high ranking attorney with the justice department referred me to Mr. Tom Walsh. After meeting with Mr. Walsh and hearing what his plan was for the case moving forward I knew that he was the lawyer for me.

During the course of the case, the prosecutor changed three times and this was not the type of change that would merit something good. It was an overwhelming charge in the first place but, when the prosecutor changed, my charge was again upgraded to aggravated malicious wounding. In Virginia, a person can serve 20 years to life in prison for that.

The case itself went on for just over 2 years and at certain points it took its toll on both my family and me and I am more than certain that it took its toll on Mr. Walsh, as well. But rather than give in and look for plea deals for me, Mr. Walsh took considerable time away from his personal life to fight for me. He put in the type of effort and fight that a Marine would put in to fight for his country. I should know.

I was ultimately convicted of just a misdemeanor of assault and battery, no jail time and I only had to pay a small fine. I open my personal life up in this testimony to get the word out for all Veterans and anyone else who might be struggling to find someone that cares and will give their all to fight for you. I have seen firsthand how prosecutors will try to destroy a person’s life and make them another example. Well, I am here to let the world know that if Mr. Walsh fought for me, he will do the same for you.


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