The Death Penalty Case of Mark Eric Lawlor

The Death Penalty Case of Mark Eric Lawlor

After family members, friends and co-workers were unable to reach her by phone, Fairfax County Police officers were dispatched to perform a welfare check on Genevieve Orange’s residence in Falls Church, Virginia. There, they found Ms. Orange on the floor of her apartment, bludgeoned to death.

An investigation resulted in the arrest of Mark Eric Lawlor, a leasing consultant at Ms. Orange’s apartment complex. Lawlor was charged with Capital murder, an offense punishable by death in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Mark Petrovich and Thomas Walsh, criminal lawyers in Fairfax VA were appointed to represent him.

During opening statements at trial, Mark Petrovich, one of Mr. Lawlor’s attorneys, admitted that Mr. Lawlor had killed Ms. Orange, but said he had only done so as a result of a 12-hour long, crack-cocaine and alcohol fueled binge. The team argued throughout trial that it was never Lawlor’s intent to kill Ms. Orange and that his mental capacity was severely diminished due to the degree of his intoxication. Attorney Thomas Walsh reiterated these points at closing remarks, stating again that Lawlor did not have the requisite intent for Capital murder, and should, therefore, not be subject to the death penalty.

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