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When my 16 year old daughter was charged with trespassing, I was completely lost. I called the lawyer referral service that court provided and Mr. Petrovich was the first lawyer that they referred to me. I went to his office and Mr. Petrovich had a long talk with my daughter in a separate office. Mr. Petrovich was the first lawyer that I talked to, but I decided to go with him on the spot because of his professional and sympathetic manner he showed towards us. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing and I could tell he had a lot of experience in these cases.

On the morning of the hearing, while Mr. Petrovich was negotiating with the prosecutor to have my daughter’s case dismissed, his legal staff, Debbie was sitting with us to comfort/assure us. She was like a fresh air that we desperately needed at a time of such distress.

When Mr. Petrovich walked over to us and told us the great news that my daughter’s case would be dismissed and could be expunged, we were so happy and gratified.

Choosing Mr. Petrovich was the best decision that I made, and my family would like to thank Mr. Petrovich and his staff, Debbie, to take on us and also believe in my daughter; she didn’t just keep her records clean for her upcoming college application, she also got her confidence back thanks to the kind, sympathetic and professional manner Mr. Petrovich and Debbie showed towards us.

I would recommend Mr. Petrovich because of his experience, professionalism and competence. And his willingness to understand and sympathize with the client. And the last but not the least, Debra, his kind staff.


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