Mark Petrovich Helps Exonerate Twice-Deported Alien

Mark Petrovich Helps Exonerate Twice-Deported Alien

Nelson Antonio Romero was charged with rape as a result of an incident that occurred in Herndon, Virginia.

Mark Petrovich, with the help of an associate, represented Mr. Romero who was acquitted in the Fairfax County Circuit Court.

Mr. Romero was an illegal alien who had been wrongly accused of a terrible crime. Despite the accusations during the trial, the jurors disregarded the alleged victim’s testimony, which was shown to be unreliable during cross examination by Mr. Petrovich. Not withstanding the difficult circumstances, Mr. Petrovich explained to the jury, during opening and closing statements, that there had been inappropriate conduct, but definitely no rape.

The jury agreed and found Mr. Romero not guilty. Following the “not guilty” verdict, Judge David T. Stitt told Romero he needed to thank his Fairfax attorneys.

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